About Us

Legal Name:
BeneOffice Canada Inc.
London, Ontario CANADA
Charles Bedard, President & CEO and Graham Clifford, VP InsurTech Software
Incorporation Date:
November 20, 2017
Private Held
InsurTech for Employee Benefits Insurance and Group Retirement Programs
Company Size:
2 – 10 Employees
Product Sales:
Available Across Canada

Description: In one word – DISTRIBUTION. BeneOffice Canada Inc. is a complete Employee Benefits Brokerage Office Technology platform to assist Small, Medium and Large Insurance Brokers in Selling, Servicing and Renewing Employee Benefits Programs. InsurTech software that enhances the flow through of transactions, reduce manual intervention, time and expenses from the process for Customers, Brokers and Insurance Companies. The results provide greater financial outcomes for all parties. Doing more with less time in order to manage and leverage for a greater overall insurance experience.

Specialties: Task Monitoring, Client Profiles, Employee Benefits, Group Retirement, Individual Insurance, Group Requests for Proposal (RFP), Group Renewal Calculator, Commission Tracker, Resources Center, Insurer & Supplier Catalogue, Electronic Administration Kit, Newsletter Builder, Brokerage Operations, Business Development, Budgets, Human Resources, Compliance, Reports, Broker Team Set Ups, and MyGroupROBO.

Business Team: Collaboration and a Team Approach to every aspect of our business is key for finding and creating the best ways to improve the client user experience and ongoing results. We strive for this with every interaction. The BeneOffice Canada resource center of work functions are:

Career Opportunities

Everybody makes a difference. We look for people who are confident, curious, and want to be exceptional within our business.
Benefits We Offer:

Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Employee Benefits Program
  • Employee & Family Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Virtual Doctor Service
  • Paid Holidays
What to Bring to an Interview:
  • Copy of Your Resume and Three References
  • Calculator and Pen

Have you totally got what it takes for one of these roles? We are always looking for good people and accepting resumes.

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BeneOffice Canada Inc.
Attn: Operations Coordinator
PO Box 173 London Station B PO
London, ON, N6A 4V6

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Investor Contact

BeneOffice Canada Inc.
Attn: President & CEO
PO Box 173 London Station B PO
London, ON, N6A 4V6

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BeneOffice Canada Inc.
Attn: Operations Coordinator
PO Box 173 London Station B PO
London, ON, N6A 4V6

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